GTC White House Pavillion de Paris party

On June 9th, GTC Hungary presented its new flagship office development, the GTC White House on the Váci Road office corridor in Budapest’s 13th District. This ambitious project, a repurposing and rebuilding of a 100-year old former elevator factory, significantly raises the standard of the premium category Budapest office market, and will lift the spirits of all those lucky enough to work there. As Robert Snow, CEO of GTC Hungary, told the Pavillon de Paris reception, the GTC White House is an environmentally sound new build embracing a historic building. He also acknowledged and thanked GTC staff and the local authorities for their tireless work in making this project happen. Inspired by its former role, the GTC White House takes you higher: incorporating uplifting green communal areas, heightening the appreciation of space and elevating the Hungarian working environment to true 21st Century standards.

Robert Snow cutting the first piece of the delicious GTC White House cake

Robert Snow and Robert Fletcher

Technical Director Mihály Szécsi and Sales and Marketing Director Bori Gedai

Zoltán Tima and Gergely Pados

Leonhard Boom and Karin Bryce

David Johnston, always-goodlooking George Kégl and Robert Snow

Judit Varga and Zsuzsanna Szirmai

Robert Fletcher, Robert Snow and Robert McLean

Lovely hostesses

Judit Nándori, László Hirt, Ariel Ferstman and Gábor Gömöri

Vera Zoltán and David Johnston

Valentin Langbein, Mihály Szécsi  and COO of GTC SA, Yovav Carmi

GTC's lovely Power-pack, Alexandra Nagy, Rita Máté, Tímea Borbély and Adrienn Péter